Palestine: Israeli raids destroy union’s office in Gaza

As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, the poverty rate exceeds 80% according to UNRWA statistics, the rate of unemployment in Gaza is more than 80% and the continued illegal siege of Gaza which has resulted 1.5 million people being denied food, fuel, electricity, essential medical care and freedom of movement (press release of PGFTU). The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) was shocked by the savage barbarian raids by Israeli F16 jets which destroyed and demolished completely the PGFTU Folk house in Gaza city at midnight, Thursday, 28th February, 2008 by three heavy rockets. The neighborhood houses and property were badly damaged and thirteen people were injured. This house was constructed by LO-Norwegian funds.

The situation in Gaza is war-like. Within the four days one hundred ten Palestinians were killed, one third of the victims were children in addition to more than three hundred fourteen injuries many of them are critical and seriously injured.

“Israel’s collective punishment of the people of Gaza is a clear breach of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is, in effect, a war crime and Israel must be held to account. It is not sufficient for the International communities and the UN to express ‘concern’. The International Community and UN must take firm and immediate action to stop this catastrophe.” Gaza needs action not talks to stop Israeli aggression.

We call for an appropriate and effective response from the international trade unions and the ILO to put pressure on Israel military army to compel Israel to compensate PGFTU for the destruction of the Folk House in Gaza.

If the international communities are really concern about the peace process in the area they should not be deaf and dumb when hundreds are killed among the Palestinians and opened-eyes when one is killed in Israel. Ban Ki Moon gives Israel the right to defend itself and kill Palestinians but Palestinians have no right to defend themselves according to the (UN-US Ban Ki Moon -Charter.)

Destruction of the PGFTU House in Gaza by three heavy rockets launched by Israeli F16 jet


1 Response to “Palestine: Israeli raids destroy union’s office in Gaza”

  1. 1 jaimzcash March 6, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    well done
    we need world coverage in papers thru out the world as what Israel [&USA] crimes are being committed

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