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Freedom of Association: ILO Committee reports on the most serious and urgent cases

Five “serious and urgent” violations of Freedom of association emerged from the last meeting of the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association, which analysed over 30 cases last week, in Geneva. The worst situations refer to Cambodia, Panama, Fiji, Argentina and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Committee’s 358th full report has just been published by the ILS Department.
Also read: “ILO Governing body concludes discussions on Freedom of Association” Continue reading ‘Freedom of Association: ILO Committee reports on the most serious and urgent cases’

Moving forward with the Maritime Labour Convention

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 is expected to come into force in 2011 or early 2012. ILO TV interviews three members of the Preparatory Tripartite Maritime Labour Convention Committee: Dave Heindel of the Seafarers’ International Union of North America; Arthur Bowring of the Hong Kong Shipowners’ Association; and Haakon Storhaug, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Watch the video interviews.

Maritime Labour Convention: ILO Preparatory Tripartite Committee

The Preparatory Tripartite Maritime Labour Convention Committee took place from 20 to 22 September 2010, in Geneva. The ILO’s MLC 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world’s more than 1.2 million seafarers. The new labour standard is in the process of ratification by ILO member states and it aims at creating a more level playing field to help ensure fair competition and to marginalize substandard operations.  Continue reading ‘Maritime Labour Convention: ILO Preparatory Tripartite Committee’

Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention: consultations on 23-24 September

The Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention  is now beginning to develop in the manner envisaged by the International Labour Conference when it was adopted seven years ago. The purpose of the present consultations (23-24 September 2010) is to have an exchange of views between governments of member States that have ratified or are seriously considering ratification of Convention No. 185, together with the international organizations representing shipowners and seafarers, on any implementation problems that may have arisen and on ways of enabling the Convention to achieve its objectives. Continue reading ‘Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention: consultations on 23-24 September’

Health and safety, ILO Plan of action

“ILO estimates in 2008 (for 2003) indicate that about 358,000 fatal and 337 million non-fatal occupational accidents occurred in the world and that 1.95 million persons died from work-related diseases. The annual economic cost of major occupational accidents alone is estimated at US$5 billion. In the context of the current crisis, increased and more efficient focus on prevention to ensure sustainably safe workplaces appears to be of particular importance”. This is how starts the ILO “Plan of action to achieve widespread ratification and effective implementation of the occupational safety and health instruments”, adopted by the Governing Body. Continue reading ‘Health and safety, ILO Plan of action’

Media alert: Freedom of association, the most serious cases in the latest ILO Report

The ILS Department has just published the 357th Report of the Committee on Freedom of association. The most serious and urgent cases examined are those of Iran, Ethiopia, Peru and Congo. And urgent appeals relate to Korea, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Congo, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and Iraq. Continue reading ‘Media alert: Freedom of association, the most serious cases in the latest ILO Report’

ILO 2010 Conference Committee: the transcripts of 25 cases discussed

The 2010 Report of the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards has just been published on the ILO website. There are the trascripts of  the 25 cases discussed by the Conference Committee. The 25 countries involved are:  BELARUS, BURUNDI, CAMBODIA, CANADA, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, CZECH REPUBLIC, COSTA RICA, EGYPT, GEORGIA, GUATEMALA, INDIA, IRAN, MEXICO, MOROCCO, MYANMAR, PERU, SWAZILAND, THAILAND, TURKEY, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, UKRAINE, UZBEKISTAN. Continue reading ‘ILO 2010 Conference Committee: the transcripts of 25 cases discussed’

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