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The need to adopt a “rights-based approach” for the world’s 105 million migrant workers

Amid growing challenges due to the global economic crisis, a new ILO study highlights the need to adopt a “rights-based approach” to provide a “fair deal” for the world’s 105 million migrant workers. The new study, entitled “International Labour Migration: A rights-based approach”, examines trends in international labour migration, its impacts on origin and destination countries, and conditions of work experienced by migrant workers. The study also explores how standards can be used in the formulation and implementation of migration policies and practices. Continue reading ‘The need to adopt a “rights-based approach” for the world’s 105 million migrant workers’


Tears of African migrants

For 37 days, the Nigerian journalist Emmanuel Mayah travelled a total of 4,318 kilometres across seven countries and the Sahara desert in the company of illegal African migrants on their way to Europe. From Nigeria to Benin Republic, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and finally Libya, he survived to tell the story of human traffickers, sex slavery in transit camps, starvation, desert bandits, arduous toil in a salt mine, cruel thirst and deaths in the hot desert. The writer was a participant of the ITC-ILO Communicating labour rights’ course 2009. Continue reading ‘Tears of African migrants’

Asia, Human rights for migrant domestic workers

As the world marks International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December, CARAM Asia launches an online petition campaign seeking crucial support and commitment from every employer of households to grant a weekly paid day off to their migrant domestic worker (MDW). On this occasion, CARAM Asia, a regional network of 34 NGOs and trade unions across 17 countries in Asia, makes the call to governments across the globe to respect the rights and dignity of migrant workers especially domestic workers. Continue reading ‘Asia, Human rights for migrant domestic workers’

The Feminisation of The Migrant Labour Force in Sri Lanka

By Vijita Fernando 

The world has almost forgotten the plight of Rizana Nafeek, the Sri Lankan teenager who was sentenced to death for the alleged killing of her employer’s infant during her three months’ stay as a housemaid in a wealthy Saudi household in 2005. Continue reading ‘The Feminisation of The Migrant Labour Force in Sri Lanka’

US workers, immigrants unite vs. work visa program

By John Moreno Gonzales (AP) 

NASHVILLE — Toribio Jimenez says an asbestos removal company used a guest worker program to trap him in virtual servitude, then fired him when he complained, forcing him to work illegally. Robert Martin believes the same company kept him unemployed by hiring foreigners like Jimenez. The men have become surprising allies in a lawsuit that claims a long-standing guest worker program harms American and immigrant workers alike. The program has issued visas for 22 years amid steady complaints, and both sides of the immigration debate say it warrants close scrutiny as the Obama administration prepares to tackle comprehensive immigration reform next year. Continue reading ‘US workers, immigrants unite vs. work visa program’

Helping migrants weather the storm

By William Lacy Swing

Perceptions of migration and broad recognition of the positive contributions that migrants make to society have regrettably regressed in most migrant-receiving countries during the current economic downturn. As job markets in the developed world have contracted, a perception has emerged of migrants as the unwanted flotsam and jetsam of globalization, a reserve army of surplus labor that can be jettisoned or rehired with the ebb and flow of the global economy. Continue reading ‘Helping migrants weather the storm’

ILO: Italy violates conventions about migrants

by Vittorio Longhi

GENEVA – After the Panama government, before the Ethiopians. The hearing against the Italian Government at the 98th International Labour Conference was held yesterday afternoon, the third in the list of hearings involving another 24 countries, none of which are European. The government has been called upon by the International Labour Organization, the ILO, to answer serious accusations of discrimination in relation to migrant workers, and thus of breach of Convention 143, ratified by Italy in 1981, which promotes parity of opportunities and of treatment. The  UN agency Committee of Experts has also asked from clarifications on the Security Decree and on the agreement with Libya, measures which give rise to concern on the part of the international community. Continue reading ‘ILO: Italy violates conventions about migrants’

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