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Media Alert: the 25 countries under examination of ILO

From freedom of association in Egypt to equal remuneration in India. From discrimination in Russia to forced labour in Sudan.  These are just a few of the 25 individual cases under discussion this week at the Committee on the application of standards of the Intenational Labour Conference, in Geneva. List and calendar. Continue reading ‘Media Alert: the 25 countries under examination of ILO’

Zimbabwe Government accepts ILO Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations

The Government of Zimbabwe has informed the Director-General of the ILO, Juan Somavia, that it accepts the recommendations contained in the report of the ILO Commission of Inquiry on trade union rights in the country. The report was submitted to the ILO Governing Body at its Session in March of this year. The Government, in its reply dated 20 April 2010 has accepted the recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry “in the spirit of engagement among the people of Zimbabwe”. Continue reading ‘Zimbabwe Government accepts ILO Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations’

ILO Governing Body to examine Global Jobs Pact and sectoral impact of crisis

In its 307th Session (11-26 March) the ILO Governing Body is discussing implementation of the Global Jobs Pact adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2009, including policies providing an effective response to the economic crisis. The meeting will also look at the impact of the crisis on various sectors, particularly on tourism, public services, education and health, as well as fundamental rights at work, including the latest report of the Committee on Freedom of Association. An advice for labour writers: follow the meeting and have a look at the document on “Recovering and sustaining growth and development: The contribution of the Global Jobs Pact (PDF)“.

What’s new in the ILO Committee of Experts’ latest report

International labour standards in times of economic crisis. This is one of the main issues of the 2010 ILO Committee of Experts’ Report on the application of Conventions and Recommendations. From the need to promote and extend collective bargaining to the protection of wages, the Committee focuses on the Conventions that can help governments to overcome the crisis, reduce poverty and inequity, increase demand and contribute to economic stability. Like every year, in the Report there is a detailed analysis of member states’ compliance with labour standards. Search for your country and find out the Experts’ observations and requests. Continue reading ‘What’s new in the ILO Committee of Experts’ latest report’

Violation of labour rights: the 25 countries under examination of ILO

From child workers in China to migrants in Israel, from trade unionsts in Pakistan to indigenous people in Peru. Some of the worst stories of violation of core labour and human rights were brought to the attention of the International labour conference, the annual meeting of the ILO, in Geneva. Here we publish a list of the cases discussed, with a link to the whole report, transcripts of speeches of governments’, trade unions’ and employers’ representatives and also ILO observations and requests. 2009 Report of the Committee on the Application of Standards

Continue reading ‘Violation of labour rights: the 25 countries under examination of ILO’

A complete vindication, in the land of Karoshi

By Misako Hida *

“I’m so touched by this overall victory. This is what I’ve waited such a long time for. My son’s face in death has always haunted me. I have spent barely a day without recalling that face since he took his own life a decade ago. Even a single day…” Continue reading ‘A complete vindication, in the land of Karoshi’

China: Hundreds of migrant workers riot

By Audra Ang

Hundreds of migrant workers attacked a police station in eastern China after one was allegedly beaten while trying to get a residence permit, highlighting enduring tensions between temporary workers and authorities. Continue reading ‘China: Hundreds of migrant workers riot’

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