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Freedom of Association: ILO Committee reports on the most serious and urgent cases

Five “serious and urgent” violations of Freedom of association emerged from the last meeting of the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association, which analysed over 30 cases last week, in Geneva. The worst situations refer to Cambodia, Panama, Fiji, Argentina and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Committee’s 358th full report has just been published by the ILS Department.
Also read: “ILO Governing body concludes discussions on Freedom of Association” Continue reading ‘Freedom of Association: ILO Committee reports on the most serious and urgent cases’

North Korean workers earn dollars for construction work in Russia

By Young Ran-jeon

With the international community tightening economic sanctions on North Korean entities for their alleged involvement in nuclear and weapons activities, Pyongyang is ever more eager to earn hard currency. One of the few options for the regime to get foreign dollars is to rely on its own labor exports. VOA’s Korean Service reporter Young Ran-jeon recently visited Vladivostok, Russia and filed this report voiced by Kate Woodsome. Pseudonyms were used to protect the workers interviewed for this story. 
Continue reading ‘North Korean workers earn dollars for construction work in Russia’

US: Promising a New Day, again

By Steven Greenhouse

The A.F.L.-C.I.O., the nation’s largest labor organization, has often been criticized for being “male, pale and stale” — dominated by cigar-chomping, golf-playing chieftains. But as Richard L. Trumka assumes the group’s presidency on Wednesday, he says he is determined to improve labor’s image and woo a younger generation that either thinks of unions as irrelevant, or does not think of them at all. Continue reading ‘US: Promising a New Day, again’

Violation of labour rights: the 25 countries under examination of ILO

From child workers in China to migrants in Israel, from trade unionsts in Pakistan to indigenous people in Peru. Some of the worst stories of violation of core labour and human rights were brought to the attention of the International labour conference, the annual meeting of the ILO, in Geneva. Here we publish a list of the cases discussed, with a link to the whole report, transcripts of speeches of governments’, trade unions’ and employers’ representatives and also ILO observations and requests. 2009 Report of the Committee on the Application of Standards

Continue reading ‘Violation of labour rights: the 25 countries under examination of ILO’

US: Obama looks to woo blue-collar workers

AP Political Writer

Joe Heston tends to vote Republican, but after listening to Barack Obama speak on Monday, he may vote for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. “I like his ideas, especially on the economy and education,” said Heston, a 23-year-old Kettering University senior from Monterey, Calif., who attended Obama’s speech at the Flint school. “I’m going to take a long look in this election.” Continue reading ‘US: Obama looks to woo blue-collar workers’

US: Low wage workers and unions

by Jonathan Tasini

This is a catch-up with an interesting, and not surprising report, from the good folks at the Center for Economic and Policy Research: After decades of disappointing wage growth for many American workers, a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows that unionization significantly boosts the wages of low-wage workers. Continue reading ‘US: Low wage workers and unions’

US: Labor’s political game needs pressure from below

by Chris Kutalik

(Labor notes) The noise, exhilaration, and sheer drama of horse races don’t lend themselves to sober reflection. As the political fortunes of the Bush administration have waned, many labor activists have been on their feet with excitement, watching the wide-open presidential primary contest unfold. But serious questions remain.  Continue reading ‘US: Labor’s political game needs pressure from below’

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